Some Educational Consulting services provided by EduPlan:

  • Advise and support to research and analyze colleges and universities, as well as graduate programs.
  • Development of a list of academic programs (undergraduate or graduate) that will support the candidate in achieving career goals and offer a great overall fit.
  • Development of timelines and application strategies for college and graduate school admissions, as needed throughout high school or post-college.
  • Career Planning and expert support in understanding various professions, occupations, fields and industries.
  • Evaluation of academic progress and opportunities for GPA improvement. Development of 4-year plans. Evaluation of professional progress (for Graduate School applicants) and review of opportunities to enhance professional profile.
  • Review of standardized test score results (SATs/ACT/TOEFL/GMAT/GRE/DAT/LSAT/MCATs). Evaluation of strategies to enhance test results.
  • Support to develop internship, research and summer program plans that foster student growth.
  • Training in essay writing, brainstorming on topic choices, support in developing essay structure, and draft review.
  • Support in developing research abstracts for college and graduate admissions, as applicable.
  •  Interview coaching for college and graduate school admissions.
  • Support in developing a Résumé with a professional format specifically designed for College or Graduate School Admissions.
  • Consult on creating résumé addenda (Music, Theater, Dance, Film, Visual Arts) for supplemental art applications.
  • Consulting on letter of recommendation structure to maximize outcome of admission process.
  • Support in college and graduate school program visits and audition preparation.
  • Review of college applications filled by the student. Confirmation of veracity of content and identification of any miscomprehension of format, or mistakes in information to be submitted.
  • Development of Personal Branding tools, including creating a personal Mission, Purpose, and Goals.