Are you in the market for a career change? Before you decide what you are passionate about, check out this list of occupations that have high depression rates.

HEADS-UP: The fact that they result to many in depression means that, in order for you to succeed in any of these occupations, you need to have in-depth understanding of what your Personal Brand is. In other words, if your true passions, strengths, interests and attributes (among other personal branding components) are aligned with the occupation, you are likely to succeed in its exercise. However, if this occupation has just a certain match percentage, you are highly likely to be affected by this statistic.

Take a look…

“Percentages of full-time workers age 18 to 64 reporting depression lasting two weeks or longer, by categories of occupation, as provided by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health using 2004 through 2006 data:

1. Personal Care and Service: 10.8

2. Food Preparation and Serving Related: 10.3

3. Community and Social Services: 9.6

4. Health Care Practitioners and Technical: 9.6

5. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media: 9.1

6. Education, Training and Library: 8.7

7. Office and Administrative Support: 8.1

8. Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance: 7.3

9. Financial: 6.7

10. Sales and Related: 6.7

11. Legal: 6.4

12. Transportation and Material Moving: 6.4

13. Mathematical and Computer Scientists: 6.2

14. Production: 5.9

15. Management: 5.8

16. Farming, Fishing and Forestry: 5.6

17. Protective Service: 5.5

18. Construction and Extraction: 4.8

19. Installation, Maintenance and Repair: 4.4

20. Life, Physical and Social Science: 4.4

21. Engineering, Architecture and Surveyors: 4.3

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