News on education reveal this administration’s interest in enhancing educational standards for high school students in the U.S. President Obama states that major changes will happen in the education field in the next few years, reform will begin soon with the passing of a proposal for new academic standards for education at elementary and high school level.

One of the new initiatives is called Common Core State Standards Initiative. The program would standardize graduation requirements throughout the U.S., comparing apples to apples, when assessing students’ readiness for college. To many Latin Americans, this initiative seems easy to understand, since this is how education is conducted in Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and other South American countries. However, in the U.S., each state had different academic standards, which, in the opinion of many, has led to a lower standard to complete high school.

What is the purpose of this proposal? To ensure students are more prepared in Mathematics and English. Years ago, the U.S. graduated professionals in these fields that became leaders in the industry, innovators, researchers. Not as much anymore. With mathematics requirements getting lowered to graduate more students from high school, the effect has been negative in the majority of the population, who are less prepared for college and to excel in the sciences. The new base proposed for public schools will help ensure that students all over are asked to work harder and focus in learning, as opposed to just passing.

What are the implications of these initiatives? A better education standard, a less punitive system which rewards for excellence and does not punish for not achieving expectations. Lowering the bar for students and teachers will become an item of the past. Making students become ready for college and for a career, as opposed to just focusing on passing a grade is the new ideal. All these initiatives can turn around our education system, helping this nation become once again, a leader in technology and advancement throughout.


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